Fawn and brindle litter born March 17, 2006
Four fawn males, one brindle male, one fawn female
Three generation picture pedigree
Five generation pedigree
NEW!!!  Click here to check out the puppies' 5 week video
Our deepest thanks to Margaret Minuth - Sierra Danes (Shaun's new mom:-) for
using her talent and expertise to put together a really fantastic puppy video!!!
Sire:  Ch. Anandane's Top of the Charts
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Health Certificates (all normal)
Dam:  Ch. Nuttree's Sydney
Click here for Sydney's OFA
Health Certificates (all normal)
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The Boys:
Nuttree's O'Riley, 
Knox O'Callaghan, 
O'Harrigan and 
O'Shaunessey v. Sierra
The Girl:
Nuttree's O'Mallory
Only two more days to go!!
This looks like a great place to have the puppers!
They're here...finally!!
The "holding pen":-))
Chow time!
Bath time!
Mom and Mallory
Two Weeks Old
First trip outside!
Three weeks
 First time in the run....they love it!!!!
Can you tell mom's had about enough
of this:-)
A puppy pile!!!
Now come the adventures....visitors and field trips
We had some company!!
Mallory doing what dogs do best...digging!!
First "field trip"
Five and a half weeks
A really good photo session:-))
No. 1, Nuttree's O'Harrigan
aka Chase
No. 2, Nuttree's O'Riley
aka Riley
No. 3, Nuttree's Knox O'Callaghan
aka Knox
No. 4, Nuttree's O'Naoise
aka Neeshuh
Nuttree's O'Shaunessey v. Sierra aka Shaun
Nuttree's O'Mallory
aka Mallory
Some candids!!
Syd doesn't think this is fair!!!
Exercise time!
Exploring on their own!!
There's nothin like a good game of
9 weeks and time to go home!!!
Nuttree's O'Harrigan
Chase with his new mom, Dina of Prince Frederick, MD
Nuttree's O'Riley
Riley with his new family, Rhonda and Lewis, of Woodbridge, VA
Nuttree's Knox O'Callaghan
Knox with his new family, Randy and Becky of Fredericksburg, VA
Nuttree's O'Naoise
Neeshuh and his new mom, Eileen of Lexington, VA
Nuttree's O'Shaunessey v. Sierra
Shaun and his new family, Margaret and Dave, of Southport, NC
Nuttree's O'Mallory
Mallory has her place at the bottom of the Nuttree totem pole:-))
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