The First Members of our Seventh Generation:
Ch. Nuttree's Shamrock and Nuttree's Cooper's Hawk proudly present their puppies born on September 19, 2000 - one fawn girl and five fawn boys.  With this litter we would like to pay tribute to the beautiful country of Australia and the fabulous cities which hosted the Olympics in 2000.  Here they are on their "birth" day:
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The boys: 
Nuttree's Melbourne, Brisbane, 
Canberra, Darwin and Perth 
and their sister: 
Nuttree's Sydney
Join us and watch the puppies grow: (click on the pictures to enlarge)
5 Week Puppy Portraits:
9 Week Puppy Portraits:
"Darwin" - No. 1 Male
Darwin's new family portrait 
Darwin's proud new caretakers: 
Richard and Bernadine Hernandez 
Staley, NC
"Jasper" - No. 2 Male
Jasper's new family portrait Jasper's proud new caretakers: 
Lyman Brown and Ann Shoemaker 
Midlothian, VA
"Tanner" - No. 3 Male
Tanner's new family portrait   
Tanner's proud new caretaker: Cathy Keeter 
Suffolk, VA
"George" - No. 4 Male 
George's new family portrait
George's proud new caretakers: Jim and Christy Nilo 
Milford, VA
"Hobbs" - No. 5 Male
Hobbs' new family portrait
Hobbs' proud new caretakers: Trevor and Brenda Bogart 
Baltimore, MD
Sydney is staying home Sydney has her place as the bottom of the Nuttree totem pole!
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