We are excited to announce the arrival of our 9th generation of
Nuttree Great Danes whelped November 24, 2013!
Proud mom and dad are:
AKC/UKC CH. Nuttree's Heath
AKC/UKC CH. Nuttree's Sloe Gin Fizz "Ginny"
 Five generation pedigree
Ginny gave birth to four boys - three fawns and a black with tan points!!
Tan point danes are relatively rare and the result of a recessive
gene which can attach to any of the color families. He was quite a surprise!!
Ginny loves her boys and is a wonderful mom!
Anything for the babies!
Pretty faces!
Baby Huey:-)
The boys have received their temporary 
first names...Huey, Louie, Dewey and Donald!
A truly peaceful moment..mom and babies!
First trip outside!
First photo session on the table. Yes, that is Dewey's ear in Donald's mouth!
Ginny still loves her boys, but enough is enough!
New Years day, time to check out the big yard and all the cool things in the big yard!
New Years Day family portrait..l to r
Dewey, Donald, Louie and Huey
When it's cold outside, what do puppies do?Shred their newspapers!
Donald and Dewey
We got ears!
Donald needs to gain some weight before he can have his ears done!
Huey aka "Yoda"
Donald, Louie and Dewey..they can do stairs!
That's really biting off more than Donald can chew!
What's over there?
Brrr, what is this white stuff..hi mom!
Let us in, let us in!
Might as well find out where the stairs go!
This is how puppies play with end tables!
More snow!
 Donald moving fast..must keep warm!
What's over there guys?
Donald would much rather hang out on bare, non snow covered ground!
Hi mom!
Let's go for a walk!
Checking out dad's equipment!
Donald still likes big sticks!
Donald is now Brewer (Nuttree's Cornucopia) and is on his way to his new home with Ryan and Sharay in Amherst, VA
and then there were 3...
Dewey... finally stood still long enough to get a picture!
The snow may be gone but the lake is still frozen and the geese are upset!
Dewey is now Maverick (Nuttree's Pilgrim) and is on his way to his new home with Bill and Annette in Herndon, VA
and then there were two...and they got to play with grandmom, Mallory...
...who is being nice at this moment
now Mallory is going to teach some manners!
Watch out boys, grandmom is getting "beanie"!
Snow is back!
Time for some play with mom
Let us out! We gotta go!
The boyz!
Louie is now Stanley (Nuttree's Plymouth Rock) and is leaving for his new home with Jeanine and John in Midlothian, VA
Huey has his mom all to his self!
Like mother, like son:-)
Huey is now Strider (Nuttree's Butterball) and is leaving for his new home with Julie in Midlothian, VA
 Click here for a video of the four boys on a walk
Click here for a video of Strider and Stanley's last walk together