Here they are!!!
We are very proud to introduce
Nuttree's Firecracker, Rocket, Sparkler and Lady Independence
Ch. Nuttree's Capricorn and Nuttree's Saint Patrick blessed our home with their very beautiful babies on July 5, 2000.  We invite you to watch them grow with us!
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Day 1 (Capri is really glad they're here): 
10 Days: 
The Boys:  
Nuttree's Rocket and Firecracker  
The Girls:  
Nuttree's Sparkler and Lady Independence

3 1/2 weeks (Individual shots): Click on the photos to enlarge the images 

The "Boys":  No. 1 Male aka "Argus" and No. 2 Male aka "Sam" 
The "Girls": No. 1 Female aka "Kenzie" and No. 2 Female aka "Lindy" Click on the photos to enlarge the images 
Group pictures (3 1/2 weeks): (these pictures are not clickable) 

5 weeks: 

7 week puppy portraits: (click on the pictures to enlarge) 
The boys:  "Argus" and "Sam" 

The girls: "Kenzie" and "Lindy" 

7 Week Group Pictures:  (these pictures are not clickable) 
We are very pleased with the families who have chosen to make our puppies an important member of their families:
9 week portraits: (click on the pictures to enlarge)
   Nuttree's Rocket "Argus"         "Argus" - new family portrait Argus' proud new caretakers: 
Thomas and Melanie Kriese, South Riding, Virginia
Nuttree's Firecracker
"Sam" -new family portrait
Sam's proud new caretakers: 
Ryan, Kathy and Austin Roberts 
Raleigh, North Carolina
Nuttree's Sparkler
"Kenzie" "Kenzie" - new family portrait  Kenzie's proud new caretaker: 
Lisa Rickus 
Mt. Airy, Maryland
Nuttree's Lady Independence
"Lindy" "Lindy" - new family portrait  Lindy's proud new caretakers: 
Mike and Monique French, Pine Mountain, Georgia
The girls:                                           The Boys: 
And just so no one thinks that we spent all our time posing for pictures:
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these puppies grow up!